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Ellen Duda - Mac Millan Publishing

" Working with Maxime has been so easy. The way he's able to take rough sketches and turn them into fully rendered maps is exciting to watch. Maxime takes direction well and he's always prompt. I will definitely be coming to him in the future for more maps" .

Anna Booth - Penguin Random House Books

" It has been such a pleasure to work with Maxime, and I hope we'll have an opportunity to work together again sometime! We really appreciated his attention to detail, his willingness to play with different styles and time periods, and his patience through the rounds of revisions" .

Bradley Beaulieu - Author

"Having seen Max’s work in advance, I knew he created maps that were both accurate and beautiful, artful pieces that captured the feel of the places they represented. I hoped he would do the same with mine, and that’s exactly what happened. Max took my very rough outlines and the details of the world I supplied him and turned them into two gorgeous maps that really breathe extra life into the world I’ve created . I’d definitely work with Max again, and hope to in the future".

Corina Lupp - Harper Collins Publisher

" Maxime is so great to work with, very timely, and provides excellent work. The beautiful map he created for our novel really brings the author’s world even more to life ".

Sylvie Le Floc'h - Greenwillow Books

" It was a real pleasure working with Maxime. He delivered two beautiful maps for our novel, The Girl From Everywhere. He was pleasant to work with and met all our deadlines.

I would highly recommend Maxime and use him in the near future. When it comes to come to Maps…he is just a genius ".


Jason Massey - Dungeons and randomness (D&D Podcast)

"Working with Maxime was a real pleasure. I've wanted to get a map done for our D&D show for a long time now and Maxime helped me bring our little world to life. He worked quickly and the finished product was better than I could have hoped for. I would work with him again in a heartbeat."


Michael Mannings - Author

"When I decided to find a professional to rework the map from my Mageborn books I tried two before finding Maxime Plasse. Now I wouldn’t dream of using another artist or cartographer to do maps for my books. The quality and sheer artistry of the map that Maxime produced blew me away, and he did it in less time than the other artists I tried. Thanks again Maxime!"


Paul Murphy - Thunderclouds miniatures

"I hired Maxime to draw the map for my new fantasy game based on the quality of his previous work, and I have not been let down at all. Maxime was efficient, helpful and most important of all produced a map that exceeded my expectations.

Maxime didn’t just bring his obvious drawing talent to the map, but he was also able to make suggestions on how the detail of the map should look to make it appear more believable. As a map making novice myself this was invaluable advise.

In closing I would not hesitate to hire Maxime again in the future – and as my map needs continue to expand I hope to do just that."


Anders Risvold - Expleo Games

"It was a pleasure working with Maxime. Working on a tight indie budget we needed to get top quality for decent price, and Maxime delivered just that. He got a good grasp of the task with a brief explanation, and delivered a few sketches before creating the actual Map. He delivered within agreed timeframe, and I won't hesitate to recommend him or commission similar maps in the future"


Toby Lloyd - Writer

"The first map of Maxime I saw was Selvarin and that was enough to make me want to work with him to develop a map for my novel. As I continued to browse, and saw more and more of his work, I was 100% convinced and immediately emailed Maxime.He came back to me quickly and was very helpful in figuring out what I wanted and how we would go about achieving my goals. His friendly advice and excellent communication was evident throughout the process.
When I saw the first draft of my map I was blown away by what Maxime had been able to achieve, based entirely off a bad photoshop attempt by me, and some vague descriptions. He had absolutely nailed exactly what I had pictured in my mind for the world.
I could not be happier both with Maxime's work, and with the honourable and helpful type of person he is. I look forward to working on maps with him in the future, once I have made a decent dent in the writing of my novel. ".


Tim Caré - Aegin (Forum based game)

"I must say and confess that Maxime has delivered in all regards we hoped he could. The map was delivered within the preferred amount of time without any unexpected delays, hick-ups or stalling. The dealing with Maxime, as a person are nothing but exemplar and utmost friendly. He is professional, none judgmental and cooperative in the broadest sense of the word. Last but not least, he is easy to contact and proactive in his communications.
I would definitely offer return work to Maxime as all the above mentioned qualities and stipulations offer a pleasant, constructive and quality venture that results in a high grade product. Max is a professional and I would highly recommend him as an artist".


Arvind Yadav - Pyrodactil Games

"Maxime was quick to respond, great at receiving feedback and delivered the product before the deadline. I would definitely work with him again. 


Vidar Edland - Novelist

"I hired Maxime to do a pair of fantasy maps for my novel, and working with him was a real pleasure. He took my ideas and transformed them into something that looked even better than the images in my mind – a true artistic interpretation. When asked his opinions, Maxime offered constructive suggestions, and he was never afraid to tell me when my ideas were impractical for the maps. Finally, the speed with which he worked was frequently breath taking! I would wholeheartedly recommend Maxime to any client in need of a professional map artist."


Matt karlov - Author

"Maxime took my rough sketches and turned them into a beautiful set of maps. He was very professional and very accommodating of the various tweaks and adjustments I requested to get the maps just right. I'm delighted with the end result, and I plan to hire Maxime again whenever I need any new maps."


Kathleen Davis - History Student

"You only need eyes to see how beautiful and precise Maxime’s work is. I found working with him to be easy, even when I didn’t know how to describe what I wanted. When I wanted the most minor change made, Maxime did it with grace and speed. When I saw the final product, I couldn’t believe that Maxime had taken my vision of what I wanted and created something so much more than I expected. I can’t express how grateful I am to Maxime for my wonderful maps"

Molly Fehr - Harper Collins Publisher

" Maxime is a wonderful artist to work with. His maps are highly creative and he is very timely with delivery and corrections. The map illustration was perfect for the young adult fantasy novel I commissioned him for " !

Dr Josho Brouwers/Dirk Van Gorp - Karwansarail Editions

"Maxime has been creating maps for our magazines Ancient Warfare and Medieval Warfare for about two years now, working closely together with the authors and the editors to produce some of the finest historical maps currently available. Maxime is able to digest a lot of information and produce accurate drawings that are not only clearly legible, but also pleasing to the eye. We have recommended Maxime to other publishers based on our great experiences in working with him".

Andrea Lau - Penguin Random House Books

" We greatly appreciated Maxime's quick turnaround, and are most certain readers will truly love the beautiful map he's done for our title.

We hope we can work again with Maxime in the future " !

Madeleine James - Harper Collins Publisher

"Maxime has been a pleasure to work with. We commissioned him to create two maps for a fantasy book we’re publishing – and we’re all thrilled with the results. He has also impressed us with his speed, professionalism and thoughtfulness. I would definitely commission him again in the future".


Jehanzeb Hasan - Crookshaw Creative

"I had scoured all the usual places when looking for an artist and/or cartographer who could produce top quality, visually stunning maps when I was fortunate enough to stumble across some of Maxime's work. In my estimation, it was head-and-shoulders above the work of others I came across, so I immediately knew he was the person I needed to work with. Maxime's professionalism, timeliness, communication, and expertise was just as impressive as his artistic ability. Given the need and opportunity, I would gladly work with him again."


Laljit Sidhu - Red Turban Press

"Maxime was hired to produce a series of setting maps. His work speaks for itself - beautiful renderings that bring a sense of place to life. Equally importantly, he was diligent and thorough and communicated throughout the process. Not only did me make requests changes without complaint, he also submitted corrected works himself when needed. I really enjoyed working with Maxime and look forward to having more work completed by him!"


Jennifer Kohout - Novelist

"Maxime Plasse is an artist. The maps he created for me are beautiful pieces of art that I am thrilled to include in my book. Maxime was a pleasure to work with, he was helpful in understanding the world of cartography and he made insightful suggestions that resulted in richer, fuller worlds. I would definitely work with him and look forward to doing so again in the future."


J.F. Barbeau - The Duché of Bicolline (LARP Cooperative)

" It was a real pleasure working with Maxime.  Not only did he respond quickly and efficiently to all of our map demands, but the results were simply astounding and brought our gaming world to life!  We look forward to working again with him in the future for our next gaming projects. "


Ryan Gullett - Author

"Maxime Plasse is an amazing artist and very professional to work with. He provided multiple copies, suggestions,  and was willing to make changes several times before delivering a high quality map for my upcoming novel. I highly recommend him to anyone looking to add a map, an essential aspect, to your fantasy novel". 


Francesco Catenacci - Role Playing Gamer

"The first time I saw the maps created by Maxime I immediately realized that I was standing in front of the works of a professional, and talented artist, and I had no doubts to commission him the map for my own RPG setting: it has been a pleasure to work with him, and I am really very satisfied of the final product".


Sean Herbert - Writer

"Working with Maxime has been an absolute pleasure. He has a consultative approach to cartography, offering advice and guidance based on his own extensive experience to ensure the delivered product meets every expectation of the client. The finished product was incredibly detailed, beautifully executed and without hassle, a testament to the level of work Maxime delivers. Going forward, i will be contracting Maxime again for future projects."


Matthew Jones - Tales from Telrain (D&D Podcast)

"Working with Maxime has been an absolute pleasure, from start to finish he has shown works in progress, making sure that I was happy every step. The final product was akin to that in a published book. I could not be happier and would recommend Maxime’s services to anyone".


Tom Baker - Writer

"Both Maxime and his work are nothing short of enchanting. There were many cartographer's who applied for the Known World of Elandaria, but their work never quite captured my imagination and excitement as Maxime's. From start to finish, this commission was never a solo venture but a collaboration. We bounced ideas off one another, and Maxime was always relentlessly passionate and offered wonderful advice. In short, this cartographer is an accessible, immensely talented artist who is unmatched by any of his calibre. As a writer, I'm constantly amazed by Maxime's ability to breathe such organic life into my work. I look to the future with excitement as I wonder just how Max will surprise me next with his mesmerising talent."


Susan Dennard - Novelist

"It was such a pleasure working with Maxime. He responded promptly, put up with my constant mind-changing and tweak-requests, and offered great suggestions of his own. His maps are so beautiful, and I couldn't be more pleased by Maxime's interpretation of the Witchlands."

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